Resources for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Trades

The Campaign is dedicated to making the construction and trades industry an inclusive and welcoming career field for everyone. A 2021 Gallup Poll found that 7.1% of adults in the United States identify as LGBT.[1] US construction labor data does not track people’s sexual orientation, but a 2015 study by the United Kingdom’s Construction Industry Council anonymously surveyed nearly 24,000 construction workers. The results show that 1% of workers identified as bisexual, 0.8% identified as a gay man, and 0.2% identified as a gay woman or lesbian.[2] People identifying as LGBTQ+ are a minority in the United States, and an even smaller minority in the construction trades. As such, it is important for the industry to examine this disparity and consider how to create an inclusive environment. Several groups have published toolkits for construction companies to help achieve this.[3] Here is an aggregate of actions from those toolkits that employers and teams can undertake: 

For solo practitioners, emerging professionals, or those looking to get into the field that identify as LGBTQ+, here are a few resources and ideas to tap into: 

This is by no means a comprehensive or universal list of resources or actions. We hope to continue growing these resource lists and calls to action. Do you have suggestions? Please send them to us to provide a platform! 

Toolkits for employers: 

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Toolkits for industry: 

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