Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campaign for Historic Trades?

The Campaign for Historic Trades is a dynamic, national program of Preservation Maryland, a non-profit organization headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The Campaign for Historic Trades also serves as the official, charitable partner of the National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center, based in Frederick, Maryland.

As a non-profit program and partner of the National Park Service, the Campaign is working to address the systemic barriers to historic trades’ training and to place trainees in the field to help grow the trades’ workforce.

How do I get training in historic trades?

Currently, the Campaign is recruiting for the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program.  This is a good opportunity for young adults (ages 18-30) and recent veterans to get paid training the National Park Service.  They will receive hands-on training, as well as supplementary education in basic construction and historic preservation fundamentals.

The Campaign continues to work on its apprenticeship initiative.  This will allow training to take place anywhere under the guidance of a journeyman level worker.   The apprenticeship will integrate with colleges across the country offer degrees in historic trades.  The Campaign can help interested people find these learning and earning opportunities.

What is the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program?

The Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (TTAP) is an initiative of the National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Training Center.  TTAP provides hands-on, historic preservation trade skills training during intensive learning-while-working experiences in National Parks across the country.  The program helps funnel young people and veterans into traditional trades careers with public land agencies.  Find out more at the HPTC TTAP website.

Am I eligible to apply for TTAP?

TTAP is made possible through partnership agreements under the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps.  This agreement focuses on engaging youth and veterans in public land stewardship roles.  As a result, the program is only open to youth ages 18 – 30, and veterans ages 18 – 35.

Is there a cost to applying or for being a trainee?

No! No, there is no cost for trainees. In fact, participants will be compensated for their time while completing the training.

How do I apply for TTAP?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and there are multiple cohorts in the field at any given time.  Those interested in a career in the trades are encouraged to apply.  No previous experience is needed and the program welcomes applicants from diverse experiences.

How can I help the Campaign?

Great question!  We have some ideas for you here.