Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campaign for Historic Trades?

The Campaign for Historic Trades is a charitable partnership between the National Park Service (NPS) Historic Preservation Training Center and Preservation Maryland. The goal of the new Campaign is to help to advance the mission of the Center and to expand their Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (TTAP). TTAP is a five to six-month apprenticeship program that provides trainees with opportunities to gain valuable trades skills on historic preservation projects in National Parks around the nation.

Am I eligible to apply to become an apprentice?

The program is focused on recruiting young adults (ages 18-30) and post-9/11 veterans (up to age 30). Those interested in a career in historic preservations are encouraged to apply.

Is there a cost to applying or for being an apprentice?

No! No, there is no cost for trainees. In fact, participants will be compensated, $12.50 – $16.00 per hour, for their time while completing the five or six month apprentice training. ┬áThe average hourly rate for participants entering a job after program completion is $21 per hour.

How do I apply?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and there are multiple cohorts in the field at any given time. There is no cost for accepted trainees, in fact, participants will be compensated for their time. The program is focused on recruiting young adults ages 18-30 and recent veterans. Those interested in a career in the trades are encouraged to apply. No previous experience is needed and the program welcomes applicants from diverse experiences.