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The Campaign for Historic Trades is a dynamic, national program of Preservation Maryland, a non-profit organization headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Campaign serves as the official, charitable partner of the National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center, based in Frederick, Maryland.  Together, the Campaign is working to address the systemic barriers to historic trades’ training and to grow the trades’ workforce.

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The Campaign for Historic Trades undertakes ambitious goals.  Preservation Maryland and the National Park Service began this endeavor, but we cannot do it alone.  Partnerships support and expand this vital work. 

Take a look at some of our partners.  They help the Campaign grow and achieve its goals.  See how you can join them:

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The National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center

Established in 1977 and headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, the HPTC is the National Parks Service’s premier preservation training center.  The HPTC established the Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program to train the next generation of NPS craftspeople.  The HPTC partnered with Preservation Maryland to broaden this program beyond the National Park Service.


Advisory Council for Historic Preservation

Preservation Maryland has a seat on the ACHP’s Traditional Trades Training Task Force.  The ACHP sets policy goals and standards for historic preservation throughout the country.  The TTTTF focuses this energy on traditional trades training.  The Campaign was founded to help enact the TTTTF policy statement. 

National Preservation Partners Network

Preservation Maryland is a member of National Preservation Partners Network.  The Campaign sits on the Historic Preservation Trades and Workforce Development Working Group.  These groups brainstorm and implement actionable changes at local and state levels.  Members share information and programming.


This is a big project.  It has the potential to transform and reinvigorate the face of the historic trades across America.  This initiative tackles educational inequities, rising college costs, the lack of pipelines into trades careers, and limited geographic access to training.  Historic trades can offer stable, well-paying, and fulfilling career paths, but only if adequate training is available.  This is only possible through philanthropic support of funders. 

There are multiple ways to financially support the Campaign.  Funders can:

Sponsor an Apprentice

Underwrite a Cohort

Make a Direct Donation

Take a look at how different organizations have financially supported the Campaign.


The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

The Driehaus Foundation benefits individuals and communities by supporting the preservation and enhancement of the built and natural environments through historic preservation.  The Foundation generously awarded Preservation Maryland capacity building grants for the Campaign.

J.M. Kaplan Fund

An early and influential supporter of the historic preservation movement, the J.M. Kaplan Fund has long believed in the value of cultural heritage.  The Kaplan Fund bestowed Preservation Maryland with it’s esteemed J.M.K. Innovation Prize.  The Prize helps supports and expand the Campaign’s activities and programs.

Pritzker Military Foundation

Founded by Colonel Jane Pritzker, the Foundation helped underwrite a veterans’ cohort and expand the Campaign’s capacity.  Colonel Pritzker was featured on Preservation Maryland’s Preservecast.

Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowship

Harrison Goodall Preservation Fellowships award innovation and professional growth in the field of historic preservation.  Managed by the NPS and Preservation Maryland, the Fellowship provides short-term opportunities for individuals to pursue a unique self-directed project under the guidance of a mentor.

1772 Foundation

The 1772 Foundation works to ensure the safe passage of our historic buildings and farmland to future generations.  The Foundation helps fund the Campaign’s efforts to grow and enact its programs.

Tauck Tours

With a generous grant, Tauck Tours directly supported a cohort of veteran apprentices stabilize the Mary Ellen Dogan House on the Manassas Battlefield.  This house is one of only two surviving structures located in the 19th-century village of Groveton, Virginia. 


Apprenticeships are the traditional method of learning trades.  Apprentices train with craft experts on the job and supplement tactical skills with educational learning.  


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The Campaign is actively recruiting for HPTC’s Traditional Trades Training Program.


The Campaign is developing innovative historic trades apprenticeships that integrates with existing preservation trades schools.  To accomplish this, the Campaign is founding the Historic Trades Council.  This Council represents preservation trades schools and NPS sites throughout the country.  The Council will set education standards for the apprentices.   

Our apprenticeship model connects trainees directly with schools and employers: 

Employers hire and train apprentices on the job.
Apprentices work, earn, and learn.
Schools educate and teach apprentices. 

Apprentices can earn college certifications and degrees during their training.  This model benefits employers, apprentices, and schools.  Employers can focus on skills training and do not need to undertake the required educational instruction. Apprentices can earn accredited degrees and become eligible for tuition assistance and student loans, making a college education accessible and affordable.  Schools on the Historic Trades Council integrate the apprenticeship model into their curriculum.  This allows more students into programs by scheduling classes harmoniously with employment.  It also increases job placements rates.


Additionally, the Campaign endeavors to register pre-apprenticeship programs.  Pre-apprenticeships must be approved by the Historic Trades Council.  People who complete official pre-apprenticeships will receive hourly credit towards a full apprenticeship, thereby reducing the total training time. 

Efforts are still underway.  See how you can get involved:

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Train in the Historic Trades



Communicating and disseminating information about the Campaign is vital.  The Campaign is achieving this through advocacy work and online outreach efforts.  See how you can help today!


Help support and fight for the traditional trades.


Gruber-Latimer Masonry Restoration

Gruber-Latimer Masonry Restoration specializes in historic preservation and is an active support of trades training.  They provided written testimony to support legislative measures in the Maryland General Assembly, and communicate with the Campaign regarding recruiting and training for private industry.



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Shattering the Glass Ceiling of Trades Training with Lisa Sasser

Lisa Sasser is a true trailblazer in the preservation trades; an accomplished historic architect, accomplished tradesperson and notably, the first woman to complete the National Park Service preservation trades training program. On this PreserveCast, we’re talking with Lisa Sasser about women in the trades and the future of trades training in America.