The Campaign for Historic Trades participates in and hosts many events in and around Maryland. Take a look at our upcoming events to see where we’ll be next.

Converting Trees to Timber

Heartwood School Johnson Hill Road, Washington

In this course, students will learn how to maintain a woodlot for future generations of builders and woodworkers. Architect, author, and timber framer Jack Sobon (Hand Hewn: The Traditions, Tools, and Enduring Beauty of Timber Framing) will show us how he manages his own stand of pines for sustainable yield. We will learn various techniques ...


Stereotomy: Building the “Moore” End Table

Heartwood School Johnson Hill Road, Washington

Traditionally, when the young journeyman on the Tour-de-France arrived at a new shop, he would build a pair of sawhorses for the obvious practical reasons, but also to indicate to the owner where he stood in his tour. The more complex he built it, the more time he had been studying Stereotomy - Art du ...


Window Preservation Alliance 6th Annual Conference

Bagala Window Works Westbrook

The countdown has begun and we are another month closer to our annual meeting, October 7-9, 2022! And do not forget to consider our early bird special, "Shop Stop and Visit" on the 6th. Shops in our area are offering a tour of their workspace (to be announced in the coming months). If you cannot make the early ...