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The Campaign for Historic Trades is working to save the traditional trades — and create meaningful careers for young adults and recent veterans. Your support helps build new programs and put more trainees in the field.

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The Campaign is taking an inclusive and innovative approach. We invite nonprofits, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations from across the country to join the effort.

Here's how your organization, agency, or company can help:
  1. Identify locations and resources of the National Park Service that can host the Traditional Trades Advancement Program.
  2. Introduce The Campaign to local workforce programs, veterans’ services organizations, and other potential sources of apprentices.
  3. Connect The Campaign with historic preservation with local businesses and contractors who can train and hire apprentices.
  4. Expand The Campaign in your region by fundraising or providing leads to potential funders.
  5. Share recruitment announcements in your local networks and forward any questions or interested candidates to our website.
  6. Advocate for historic trades training with your local and state governments.
  7. Reach to share ideas, ask questions, or offer assistance.
Send an email summarizing your organization, interest in The Campaign, and how you'd like to help.  Submit to with the subject line Become a Partner, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Apprenticeships are proven to benefit both employers and employees.

The Campaign for Historic Trades creates a direct connection between businesses, schools, and workers through its innovative historic trades apprenticeship model. Why hire Historic Trades Apprentices?
  • Reduce employee turnover and hiring costs. Apprentices are proven to remain in their job longer than regular hire employees.
  • Improve employee satisfaction. Apprentices have higher work satisfaction than their non-apprentice counterparts.
  • Historic Trades Apprentices earn degrees through the program, ensuring their knowledge of historic preservation.
  • Various states incentivize apprenticeships through wage subsidies, tax credits, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Pools of prime applicants will be available from pre-apprenticeships like the Traditional Trades Advancement Program.
The Campaign can help large and small businesses find workers. It can also register existing employees to upskill them for restoration work. Contact us today to connect. Email with the subject line Hire Apprentices and the Campaign will be in touch with you shortly.

The Campaign actively seeks to diversify and expand the field of historic preservation.  You can help.

The Campaign works with the National Park Service to enroll trainees in the Traditional Trades Advancement Program. However, the need is not limited to federal lands. The Campaign fields cohort requests from state government, city agencies, and preservation nonprofits from across the country.  We need your assistance build capacity and meet this demand. Underwriting a cohort:
  • Helps save endangered places
  • Subsidizes trainees' wages and travel
  • Enrolls trainees in pre-apprenticeship programs
Individuals, companies, and foundations can underwrite a cohort. Emails with the subject line Underwrite a Cohort, and the Campaign will be in touch with you shortly.
Funds raised by The Campaign directly support the expansion of training opportunities, trainee expenses, and the development of registered federal apprenticeships for historic trades. Donor support fuels The Campaign and is making a dramatic difference across the nation.  

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