Ambassador Resources

Help promote careers in the historic trades–share and disseminate these resources to your networks to help spread the word. 

Outreach Material

Please feel free to share these files with your network, either as digital copies or printed. Each file has print specifications you can follow. These materials are great to have at tabling events and share with school programs, youth groups, potential training sites, employers, and more.

Historic Trades Flyer

Help us spread the message about The Campaign to make it a national resource for the historic trades. This is a two-page flyer that can be shared digitally or printed. 

Preservation Maryland Flyer

Preservation Maryland powers the work of The Campaign. 

Career Mapping

Visualization of how people enter and move through careers related to the historic trades. A great way to start a dialogue and demonstrate the possibilities.

Children’s Activities

Coloring pages and scavenger hunts! For large events and classroom activities, these resources will get children engaged in their historic surroundings.

Technical Resources

The Campaign engages in research and studies that help promote the field of historic preservation. Here, we will share our own work as well as public-access information from other institutions that support historic trades careers.

Labor Study

Read, share, and post our comprehensive Historic Trades Labor Analysis.

Labor Study Press Release

A press release to share in your network about the Labor Study and its importance.

Labor Study Infographics

Individual infographics you can post and share.


For more communications information, please contact Dana Cohen, Director of Communications:

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