Support the Mission

Historic preservation can't happen without the trained hands to do the work. The Campaign can't happen without the supporters that make this possible.


The Campaign relies on philanthropic donations to make this work possible. There’s no better way to show your support for the historic trades than through a donation. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the cause. 


Talk to your local, state, and federal representatives to promote and support trades training, education, and businesses. We need to assert this as a priority to ensure there are sustainable career paths, otherwise we lose valuable skills and knowledge.


Share news and updates about The Campaign and our work within your networks. Spreading the word is vital to aggregating collective knowledge and making this website a useful resource for our different audiences. See our Communications Resources to learn about and find shareable items about The Campaign; see Ambassador Resources for shareable materials about the historic trades.

There are many ways for individuals, businesses, organizations, and philanthropic groups to support The Campaign. Find out how.