What We Do

Success is collaborative. This is a monumental effort—no single organization can undertake it alone. The Campaign seeks to be a national leader and support local efforts in the broader training and professional network.

The Campaign coalesces resources, programs, and networks into a central informational hub. We work a variety of stakeholders to enact our mission and meet industry need. Primarily, we work with:

  • Partners
    Parties coming together with their specialized resources to accomplish a programmatic or project-based goal. These partnerships often form through Operating Agreements and create relationships with multiplicative impact.
  • Funders
    Support from foundations, individual donors, and businesses makes The Campaign possible. We can only do this important work with the resources for vital staff members, travel, and outreach.
  • Educators and Trainers
    The Campaign works with education and training providers to provide curriculum and recruitment support, connect trainees with further work and education opportunities, and strive for national and articulatable educational standards.
  • Ambassadors
    Ambassadors can help in small and large ways. From individuals sharing The Campaign’s message and resources to the public, to helping support legislative action, we appreciate any and all help to promote our mission.
  • Employers
    The Campaign coordinates with employers, trades associations, and unions that work in the historic trades. They help us develop standards, training curriculum, and hire apprentices.

See examples of these relationships in action:



National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center

The Campaign would not exist without the partnership with the Historic Preservation Training Center. In 2018, Preservation Maryland became the official Philanthropic Partner of the HPTC to support the development of its internal training programs. In 2020, this relationship grew with a Cooperative Agreement to expand and support historic trades training throughout the country and to the benefit of the profession as a whole.


Driehaus Foundation

Since 2019, the Driehaus Foundation has generously supported the acceleration and expansion of The Campaign for Historic Trades. The Driehaus Foundation seeks to improve the built environment, enhance arts and culture, strengthen democracy, and advance economic opportunity.

1772 Foundation

The 1772 Foundation was an initial funder of The Campaign for Historic Trades, and continues to support it in on-going initiatives like the Trainers Consortium. Since 1984, the 1772 Foundation has granted more than $50 million for historic preservation work throughout the United States.

Foundation for Advancement in Conservation

Provided funding to develop bilingual primary and secondary educational resources in the historic trades. The FAIC supports conservation education, research, and outreach activities that increase understanding of our global cultural heritage.

Historic Preservation Education Foundation

Through its Partners in Training Program, the Historic Preservation Education Foundation funds projects that furthers its mission of providing training opportunities on technical topics associated with preservation technology. The HPEF granted The Campaign funding to translate historic trades training videos from English into Spanish.

Educators and Trainers

Historic Trades Council

An advisory group formed by The Campaign, composed of colleges with historic trades training programs. The Council helps set training standards and articulate Related Instruction in the apprenticeships with their programs.

El Centro de Conservación y Restauración de Puerto Rico

El Centro de Conservación y Restauración de Puerto Rico (CENCOR – The Center for Conservation and Restoration of Puerto Rico ) seeks to develop the capacity of our communities in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to protect and conserve their cultural heritage. Through education and training, scientific research, the provision of services and technical advice, the dissemination of knowledge and community initiatives, we help our people to explore their culture, their history and their heritage, to protect and preserve it. The Campaign is working with CENCOR on translations of existing training resources and developing bilingual training curriculum for apprenticeship programs.


National Preservation Partners Network

The NPPN is a network of preservation organizations from across the country. This community of like-minded individuals helps guide the national historic preservation movement and advance the field in intentional directions. The NPPN assists in outreach for The Campaign, provides platforms, and connects people to its resource hubs.

Preservation Action

Preservation Action is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization created in 1974 to serve as the national grassroots lobby for historic preservation. Preservation Action seeks to make historic preservation a national priority by advocating to all branches of the federal government for sound preservation policy and programs through a grassroots constituency empowered with information and training and through direct contact with elected representatives. Preservation Action has supported initiatives of The Campaign by providing letters of supporting and platforms to share the message.

CIRCA Old Houses

CIRCA is the larger organization that runs Cheap Old Houses. For Preservation Month, CIRCA embarked with Preservation Maryland on an outreach campaign to promote preservation and programs of Preservation Maryland like The Campaign. This is a helpful coordination to help reach audiences outside of The Campaign’s typical channels.


Window Preservation Alliance

The Window Preservation Alliance is a Trades Association with the aim to connect those who wish to save their windows with professionals who can provide the needed services. The WPA has partnered with The Campaign to develop an apprenticeship in historic window restoration and connect with employers to hire apprentices. The Campaign coordinates its resource and curriculum development with the WPA to ensure it meets the needs of business.

Individual Employers

You do not need to be part of a broader organization to work with The Campaign. Individual employers can work with The Campaign to hire and train one or many apprentices. Get listed on Preservelist as an apprentice-seeking employer and begin the process of hiring an apprentice.

Support the Work

Take a look at some of our partners. They help The Campaign grow and achieve its goals. See how you can join them:

There are many ways for individuals, businesses, organizations, and philanthropic groups to support The Campaign. Find out how.