Hire a Tradesperson

Both contractors and clients say it is difficult to find a qualified tradesperson. Below are resources for both employers and for potential clients.

For Employers

Training new employees takes time and expense, which is often in short supply for employers. The Campaign can connect you with graduates from different training and education programs, or help you onboard apprentices with outlined training structures and education built in.

Hire Apprentices

Enter into an apprenticeship agreement with The Campaign to help find and place apprentices with your business.


Connect with programs to hire trainees out of pre-apprenticeship programs. A stronger connection with apprenticeships.

Get Listed

List yourself as a historic trades business on PreserveList. The Campaign utilizes this list for apprenticeship placement. Emerging professionals can explore it as well for employment outside of an official apprenticeship.


List your employment opportunities on the calendar page for tradespeople to find.


Support The Campaign’s efforts to build out and strengthen the workforce.

For Clients

Finding qualified tradespeople can be difficult. Our industry is only now developing professional qualification standards to help clients discern who has the experience to entrust their historic building to. Below are resources to help you navigate the process.


The Campaign hosts a network of preservation trades businesses, searchable by region and trade. It is a crowdsourced directory that we monitor. We appreciate any help maintaining the listings.

Professional Qualification Standards

See our broad professional qualification standards and utilize specification language to include your job to ensure your project is done right.


Professional Networks
Explore professional networks to find specific information about that trade, their qualification standards, and explore internal directories. 


Support The Campaign’s efforts to build out and strengthen the workforce.

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