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Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland

Preservation Maryland is a statewide non-profit working to protect Maryland’s unique and irreplaceable heritage while creating a more equitable and sustainable future. Through strategic programming and partnerships, the organization is using the best of our past to solve some of today’s biggest challenges, including the effects of climate change, affordable housing, and workforce development.

Although the organization’s core mission remains the same as when we started in 1931, our work has adapted, our strategies have diversified, and our approach has modernized. We remain at the forefront of the preservation movement, creatively working to preserve place, effect policy change, and grow the historic preservation workforce so our shared history can be enjoyed for untold generations to come.

Preserving Place

Through Historic Property Redevelopment and Grant Funding

Championing Change and Progress

Through Advocacy and SmartGrowth Programming

Workforce Development

With The Campaign for Historic Trades

The Campaign for Historic Tades

The Campaign for Historic Trades

The Campaign for Historic Trades is a dynamic workforce development program to expand and strengthen careers in the high demand field of historic trades. The Campaign is a program of Preservation Maryland, in partnership with the National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Training Center. Dedicated staff within the broader organization of Preservation Maryland work on this program, which operates on a national level.

A sunny day in a cemetery with a large tree and two headstones, a man cleans the head stone with a brush.

In the News

News stories and features about The Campaign.



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