Train and Mentor

Be the change you want to see in the industry. Help emerging historic tradespeople find and secure their way into the profession with your unique skillset, experience, and knowledge.

The historic trades cannot survive without the people to teach them. For decades, tradespeople have seen the slow decline in education programs and systems to support new learners. The common question is: How do I help the field?

There are five fundamental ways you can contribute to the mission. These ways can overlap and scale up or down, based on your personal capacity. Scroll down to read these and find out ways to take action on them now.


Share your knowledge and experience with new and emerging professionals in the field. The Campaign is working on Train the Trainer courses and building a network of teaching opportunities to get you started.


Work with new and emerging professionals in project-based learning settings. You can do this through workshops, conferences, and hiring apprentices.


Guide and advise a new or emerging professional one-on-one. This is a valuable relationship that helps new professionals stay in and succeed in the industry.

Share Knowledge

The Campaign is building out open educational resources in the historic trades, and it needs the input and knowledge from Subject Matter Experts. You can help create national standards for trades training.


Support trades training systemically. Leverage existing structures and programs to help promote traditional trades learning and businesses. Your involvement as a trades professional provides invaluable credence to these efforts.

How to Get Started

Take action on these fundamentals in a variety of ways:

Teach and Train

Connect with a school or program near you to see about teaching. Apply to HistoriCorps or HOPE Crew to teach cohorts of young people in the trades. Right now, each program has different requirements; The Campaign is working on a Train the Trainer program.

Curriculum Building

The Campaign is building open-education resources in the historic trades. It needs the input and knowledge from Subject Matter Experts to create this in a variety of media–print, visual, audio, and videography. Email our Curriculum Developer to connect as a Subject Matter Expert and help create nationally standard curriculum.

Hire Apprentices

The Campaign is registering apprenticeships with the Department of Labor. Business owners can hire apprentices through The Campaign’s sponsorship. This is one of the most direct ways to support new entrants to the field. Get listed on Preservelist to become part of the network.


The Campaign is building an official mentorship program, compiling a network of existing mentorship programs, and drafting a guides on how to establish an informal mentorship. As a mentor, you can help new and emerging professionals navigate their career paths.


Become an Ambassador. The Campaign has materials and resources to help you spread the message to different audiences–research about the industry, sharing flyers, tabling resources for fairs, how-tos for demonstrations, and guides for workshops. These activities are vital to reaching new audiences and informing them about career possibilities in the historic trades.

National Park Service

The National Park Service has specific opportunities for existing NPS employees to give back, train, and mentor. Explore your options.

There are many ways for individuals, businesses, organizations, and philanthropic groups to support The Campaign. Find out how.