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City Park Lily Ponds Preservation, Colorado

July 21 - July 26


Start: July 21
End: July 26
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City Park Lily Ponds
Denver, CO 80206 United States
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Join us in preserving the natural beauty of Denver City Park Lily Ponds and be a part of revitalizing this cherished spot for generations to come.

Session Dates: July 14-19 and July 21-26

Project Site Description & History

The Denver City Park Lily Ponds, an integral part of Denver’s historic City Park, were established in the early 20th century, embodying the era’s commitment to creating naturalistic landscapes in urban settings. Initially designed to enhance the beauty and recreational value of the park, the ponds quickly became a beloved community asset. Over the years, they have seen various changes and improvements, often driven by the efforts of local volunteers and community groups dedicated to preserving and enhancing this natural treasure. These volunteer efforts have been crucial in maintaining the ecological balance of the ponds, ensuring the health of the aquatic plants, and keeping the area welcoming for both residents and wildlife.

Volunteer involvement in the City Park Lily Ponds has taken various forms, from hands-on maintenance and planting days to fundraising and advocacy campaigns. Local garden clubs, environmental organizations, and community members have played a significant role in these efforts. For instance, during periods when city funding was insufficient, volunteers stepped in to provide the necessary care and attention to maintain the health and beauty of the ponds. These volunteers have contributed not only to the physical upkeep of the ponds but also to educational programs that teach visitors about the importance of urban natural spaces and the specific ecology of water gardens.

The history of the Lily Ponds is not just one of aesthetic and recreational value but also a narrative of community engagement and stewardship. The ongoing volunteer efforts highlight the community’s connection to the ponds and the broader park, reflecting a shared commitment to preserving Denver’s natural heritage. This relationship between the ponds and the people of Denver showcases the vital role that urban green spaces play in fostering community well-being, environmental education, and civic pride, ensuring that the Lily Ponds remain a cherished part of City Park’s legacy.


Scope of Work:

HistoriCorps is committed to educating and training volunteers in preservation skills, with an overarching mission of inspiring a preservation ethic in all those involved. Learning and working alongside expert HistoriCorps field staff, volunteers and applying the traditional skills necessary to restore the City Park Lily Ponds:

  • Flagstone and mixed stone repointing and retaining wall repairs


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