TUNE IN: Trades Takeover Podcast with Natalie Henshaw and Mae Bowley


We recently recorded our first ever “Trades Takeover” podcast on PreserveCast! On this episode of PreserveCast, Natalie Henshaw of the Campaign for Historic Trades spoke with Mae Bowley of Re:Purpose Savannah in our first ever trades takeover.

Tune in as Natalie and Mae discuss all things historic trades.


More About Our Guest

Mae Bowley moved to Savannah in 2015. Out of a desire to learn more about the charming and mysterious city, she started taking classes in Historic Preservation and Restoration at Savannah Technical College. When she encountered Emergent Structures (parent organization of Re:Purpose Savannah) in 2018, she fell in love. She was an avid volunteer for six months, and was then hired on as Assistant Executive Director. In 2019 Mae took over as Executive Director after her predecessor, Scott Crotzer.

Mae holds a Master of Art in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, along with a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Art in Classical Archaeology from Florida State University. Her professional background includes creative director for a manufacturing firm, market manager for an urban farm, and a principal in her own marketing consultancy for creative startups, Bowley Creative.

She harbors a fierce passion for longleaf pine and will often be caught gushing over it.

Learn more about Re:Purpose Savannah at repurposesavannah.org

Follow along on social: @repurposesavannah

More About Natalie Henshaw

Natalie joined Preservation Maryland in 2021 and directs The Campaign for Historic Trades, overseeing apprenticeship registration, curriculum development, and partner relationships. Natalie earned her AAS from Savannah Technical College’s Historic Preservation and Restoration Program in 2013. During and after this program, she’s worked in hands-on preservation with various non-profits, construction companies, and federal agencies. From 2014 through 2019, Natalie worked on seasonal, cross-country projects with HistoriCorps. In 2016, she founded a preservation company in Savannah, Georgia, specializing in window restoration and historic masonry.

Natalie has also worked extensively in educational fields. She has taught after-school art classes, English in China, TEFL as an online tutor, United States and world history with Savannah Technical College (STC), and historic preservation with STC and Lamar Community College (LCC). She managed LCC’s Historic Building Trades Program. Natalie enjoys traveling and hiking, and typically follows lawful good alignment.

More About PreserveCast

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