Networks are an important element in developing professional connections, education, and communities. This is a directory of networks related to the historic trades.

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This page hosts a roster of professional networks related to the historic building trades. Membership-based networks are open to individual, organizational, and/or businesses–some networks will have prerequisite qualifications.

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The Black Cemetery Network

Photo of The Black Cemetery Network
Address 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, SOC 107 Tampa Florida 33620 United States Website: Black Cemetery Network

The Black Cemetery Network [BCN] was founded in response to the national call to action to raise awareness about the issue of erasure and silencing of black cemeteries throughout the U.S. These cemeteries contain stories about people, place, and families which are often missing from the larger public narrative. Our network connects living records of forgotten histories through research, advocacy, and collaboration. BCN is a collaboration between black cemetery site advocates from across the country ready to connect with you, your community, or organization.


To be eligible for a BCN membership, applicants must be actively involved with a black cemetery site or sacred space that has been successfully registered to the BCN Virtual Archive.


Events, cemetery research, archives, advocacy


BCN Blog, Newsletter

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Cemetery preservation and restoration