Networks are an important element in developing professional connections, education, and communities. This is a directory of networks related to the historic trades.

Connect with Professionals

This page hosts a roster of professional networks related to the historic building trades. Membership-based networks are open to individual, organizational, and/or businesses–some networks will have prerequisite qualifications.

Do you know a network that should be added or a network that is no longer active? Submit an entry! This helps us keep the database an up-to-date and relevant resource. As available, please include the name of the organization, contact information, website and social media, membership type, activities and publications, and trade skills practiced.

The Stone Trust

Photo of The Stone Trust
Address 707 Kipling Road Dummerston Vermont 05301 United States Primary Phone: 802-952-8600 Website:

The Stone Trust Inc. is a rapidly growing registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides education, training, and consulting services. We advocate for the preservation of existing dry stone walls and promote using the correct structural standards for the construction and restoration of dry stone walls.


Open to individuals, families, students, and businesses


Hosts workshops nationwide, offers certification courses and tests

Trade Skills

Dry Stone Masonry