Networks are an important element in developing professional connections, education, and communities. This is a directory of networks related to the historic trades.

Connect with Professionals

This page hosts a roster of professional networks related to the historic building trades. Membership-based networks are open to individual, organizational, and/or businesses–some networks will have prerequisite qualifications.

Do you know a network that should be added or a network that is no longer active? Submit an entry! This helps us keep the database an up-to-date and relevant resource. As available, please include the name of the organization, contact information, website and social media, membership type, activities and publications, and trade skills practiced.

Women Construction Owners and Executives

Address 1032 15th Street NW Suite 300 Washington DC 20005 United States Website:

Women Construction Owners and Executives, USA is a national association representing women business owners and policy making executives in the construction industry. Founded three decades ago, we are recognized as the voice of women-owned construction companies. We provide business connections, education and advocacy for issues impacting our industry particularly those involving small and women-owned businesses.


Open to individuals, organizations, and businesses.


Networking, Conferences, Advocacy and Annual Leadership Summit.

Trade Skills