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J. Joseph Edgette Education Fund

Photo of J. Joseph Edgette Education Fund
Association for Gravestone Studies Website: J. Joseph Edgette Education Fund

In 2021 AGS established the J. Joseph Edgette Education Fund to honor the legacy of one of AGS’s tireless, longstanding supporters. Dr. J. Joseph Edgette was co-winner of the 2015 Forbes Award (with Richard Sauers). The “Joe Fund” recognizes Edgette’s decades-long career training educators and his many years of dedication to cemetery scholarship. Its purpose of supporting scholars and educators in their research projects is aligned with AGS’ founding purpose in 1977 — to further the study and preservation of gravestones.

Fund objective:

To support projects that further the study and preservation of gravestones by providing financial assistance to scholars and educators. Further details are here.

1) Eligibility guidelines:

  • •Scholars who need financial support to complete their gravestone- or cemetery-related projects are eligible to receive money from the fund.
  •  Awards are not intended to be scholarships that would simply replace a portion of a student’s financial aid, but instead are tied directly to his or her qualifying project expenses.
  • Excluded are any projects already funded by AGS through scholarship awards (such as the student scholarships granted to attend the annual conference).

2) Examples of awards that support scholarly and educational projects:

  • Hiring a student intern to research cemetery records at a “second-tier” cemetery (that is, one without an endowment to support such activities).
  • Assisting with travel and other expenses for a research project related to a specific cemetery, tombstone design, or carver.
  • Paying for a GPR survey at a cemetery known to hold the remains of enslaved or other marginalized people buried there without markers.
  • Paying for ancillaries such as bagged lunches, copy expenses or other costs related to a local volunteer cemetery- or gravestone-themed project.
  • Funding workshops to train public school teachers in how to use cemeteries as instructional tools.
  • Providing financial assistance to other projects that meet the spirit of the fund.

3) Management and oversight of the fund:

  • AGS’ Executive Committee, or a committee of AGS determined by the Executive Committee, makes all decisions regarding award amounts and distribution of cash from the fund.
  • The AGS Treasurer maintains records regarding donations into, balance of, and cash distributed from the fund, and reports fund activity to AGS membership at least once per year.
  • Scholars and educators apply for the funds by submitting a proposal for how an award would be used. Parameters for the application to the fund are determined by AGS.
  • Recipients of cash from the fund agree to make their research public — by presenting at a conference, publishing in Markers or the AGS Quarterly, or in other ways approved by AGS.
  • Eligibility guidelines, use of awards, and management and oversight of the fund may be changed at any time with the approval of the AGS Executive Committee.


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